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Back to school

For Back to School 2021 we asked faculty what this special time of year means to them. Their responses were inspirational. Here’s what they had to say! 


Colleen Ebacher, PhD. – Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies at Towson University

“Back to school means an opportunity to be re-energized by our students’ eagerness to learn. Be good to yourself. You’ve weathered so much already. Sí se puede.”

Donna Marques – Professor of Spanish and Department Chair at Coastline Community College

“Back to school means a new opportunity for growth and reflection. Take your teaching seriously but approach it with humor!”

Kate Grovergrys – Spanish Professor at Madison College

“Back to school means a fresh new opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our students. Be welcoming. Be flexible, be you.”

Allison Larkin – Lecturer of Spanish at Southern Methodist University

“Back to school = an opportunity to cultivate a new community and connection with each group of students. To fellow instructors = enjoy being able to do what you love every day!”

Kenneth Luna, Ph.D. – Professor and Chair at California State University, Northridge

Back to School means hope, dreams, and a brighter future. Teaching is existential and noble. Appreciate the privilege, be thankful, and spread knowledge.”


Cris Sparks-Early – Asst. Professor of Spanish at Northern Virginia Community College, Manassas Campus

“Back to school means FRESH START. New semester, new students (mostly), new ideas, new energies.  
In the new era of teaching during a pandemic, my advice is stay the course, allow for the winds of change to deviate you a wee bit, and stay organized so that your students don’t feel the stress that we are all under. We are like flight attendants that need to stay calm during turbulence.”  


Roxana Levin – Spanish Professor at St. Petersburg College, Tarpon Springs Campus

Back to School for me means getting re-energized, focused, and excited about new opportunities.
I would advise fellow teachers to put things in perspective and always focus on the positive. Keep open communication with your students and let them know clearly what your expectations are and the best way to succeed.”

Stephanie Langston – Senior Lecturer of Spanish at Georgia State University Perimeter College

Back to school has always caused mixed emotions for my family. Our favorite pastimes are traveling and swimming, so it’s sad to see that this time of year is coming to an end. However, I am always so excited for new possibilities for myself, my own children and my students. No matter what last year was like, we all get a fresh start. I would advise any fellow teachers to approach this new year by setting high expectations, but by exercising flexibility. Extend grace to your students and to yourself, when needed. Try something new.  Do those things that remind you of why teaching is a passion and a calling.”


Sarah Vitale – Language Coordinator and Lecturer at Loyola University of Maryland

Back to school for me means sharing and gaining knowledge, support, teamwork and excitement! I’ve missed my students and colleagues!
For my fellow teachers, just a reminder to be SO PROUD of the dedication, effort and GRIT that we’ve put forth in the last few semesters. From that, we KNOW we can do it all!”


Devon Hanahan – Senior Instructor of Spanish at College of Charleston

Back to school means ENERGY! I can’t wait to see the kids and have them back on campus!  My advice is to be organized and to be kind to yourself and those around you.”


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