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Loqueleo books awarded with Premio Campoy-Ada de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española

Our books, Conoce a José Martí, La abeja de más and El mejor es mi papá are among the winners of the Premio Campoy-Ada de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española.

Conoce a José Martí first prize in the Biography category.

José Martí was barely 16 years old when he began to fight for the independence of his homeland through his writing. At 17, he was declared an enemy of Spain and sentenced to six years of prison and hard labor. But that did not stop him. Martí dedicated his life to defending Cuba’s right to independence. Today he is remembered and honored as a man of integrity—brilliant and courageous—and as a lover of freedom and peace.


La abeja de más, first prize in Picture Books.

One day, the bees called for a grand assembly in the beehive to discuss why it was that they were always all squashed together in cramped working conditions. After complex calculations, they realized that there was one bee too many in their beehive! Who was it? How would they identify her? And what would they do with her? Through entertaining illustrations and humor, this delightful story explores such serious topics as prejudice and tolerance.

Honorable mention in Picture Books for El mejor es mi papá.   

Puerto Rico’s best-selling author offers us this warm and loving tale about relationships between father and child. In a kingdom far, far away, a time and place has been set to choose the best father of all. In verses, each one of the animals, from a chick to a firefly, and a frog to a penguin, tells why their candidate is the best one. Find out the reasons why everyone’s father is the best in the world.


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