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Loqueleo: Two Stories That’ll Make Your Kids Laugh out Loud

By- Erika Semprun

Loqueleo’s wide variety of children’s literature books address dozens of important topics: culture, immigration, self-confidence, and so many others—but the publisher is also known for having delightful, heartwarming narratives and so many comical stories!

Are you looking to pick up a book that’s sure to make your child “LOL”?

Keep reading for two perfect picks!

¿Quién soy yo? by Paula Vasquez (4+)

When an artist leaves the protagonist of the story unfinished, the character has no choice but to ask readers: “Who am I?” Only witty readers will uncover the truth! But get ready… discovering the identity of this silly creature will take more than just one guess.

Una cama para tres by Yolanda Reyes (5+)

Are you afraid of sleeping alone in the dark? Is the only plausible solution to sleep in bed with mom and dad? If you answered yes, you should know that you’re not the only kid who feels this way! In the hilarious story of Una cama para tres, you will learn that, like you, Andres has similar fears.

Una cama para tres and ¿Quién soy yo? are both funny and charming stories! While each has a different storyline, both narratives have some distinct similarities. Each of these books features a witty, clever character whose purpose is to amuse the audience. Because of this, readers can expect to find themselves laughing along with the characters and even smiling at the end!

Both reads also feature cute and quirky images. Although Ivar Da Coll’s illustrations in Una cama para tres are much more complex and detailed than those in ¿Quién soy yo?, both sets of illustrations match the tone of their story perfectly! The pictures in Una cama para tres serve to make a delightful story even more amusing, while the sketches in ¿Quién soy yo? serve to make the peculiar tale quite humorous!

Are you ready to giggle along with the characters?

Pick up a copy of Una cama para tres and ¿Quién soy yo? and visit Loqueleo’s website for other great stories! To learn more about these titles, contact us at 800-245-8584 or at


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