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Seven Must-Have Supplies for the Classroom

By- Erika Semprun

With the fall semester approaching, it’s time to prepare for the new school year! Nothing says “goodbye summer!” like going back-to-school shopping.

Ready to embrace the return of the new semester? Keep reading for some must-have supplies to add to your shopping cart.

#1- Clorox wipes: The start of a new year calls for some fun arts and crafts activities, but don’t forget to have a stash of Clorox wipes to clean up the mess! Clorox wipes are a good tool for tidying up after creative assignments, wiping down desks before snack time, or even for cleaning up sticky accidents!

#2- Glue Dots: Want to hang posters, newsletters, or calendars around the classroom? Need something dependable for crafts but don’t want to use a hot glue gun? Ditch the unreliable tape and opt for Glue Dots! They make hanging artwork around the classroom and arts and crafts much easier. They are also a great alternative to a hot glue gun!

#3- PaperPro stapler: A stapler is an essential teacher tool, but don’t invest in just any stapler! The PaperPro stapler is reliable and durable; it even staples into bulletin boards and rarely jams.

#4- Binder clips: Need something to hold hundreds of papers together and the stapler isn’t cutting it? Invest in binder clips! You’ll be surprised at how useful these will be throughout the year!

#5- Dry erase markers: Do we really have to explain? There can never be enough dry erase markers. Some run out, others get lost, so make sure to keep a big stash around!

#6- Sticky notes: There’s no doubt that these are a must-have, but have you tried the full-back sticky notes? These are great for labeling assignments and calendars or posting reminders and important notes around the classroom.

#7- Flash cards: Flash cards are a great learning tool and because of this, it’s a teacher necessity! These can be great for quizzing your students or even for fun activities. 

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