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Top 30 Tips for Effective Teaching – Resources for your Spanish Classroom

Anne Smieszny Silva

  1. Know your students well.
  2. Keep one’s mental/physical health up.
  3. Interrelation/connections of content (curriculum and real world).
  4. Allow yourself and students to be risk takers.
  5. Explain the “big picture” for assignments (explicit not implicit).
  6. Be positive in expectations and attitudes.
  7. Find allies (people to give you support) but, be cautious, avoid gossip.
  8. Be influential (a positive role model).
  9. Dress appropriately and professionally.
  10. Know your students well.
  11. Listen as you are teaching in order to adjust the lesson accordingly.
  12. Develop your own philosophy or teaching and your own expectations.
  13. Be honest and do not be afraid to make mistakes.
  14. Fair and balanced assignments and discipline.
  15. Make the punishment fit the crime.  Do not punish with homework.
  16. Reach out to at-risk students; be sure to give them chances.
  17. Always over plan.
  18. Have a sense of humor.
  19. Be creative in approaches, style and lessons/material.
  20. Explain the importance and significance of why the material, subject is important.
  21. Develop a feeling of empathy.  Empathy can lead to understanding.
  22. Be a “real person” to your students, let them know you.
  23. Have abundant patience, especially when it concerns the rate at which your students are learning your content.
  24. Know your limits as a teacher and a person.  Know what you can change and what you cannot change.
  25. Be persistent in your standards, consistency is key.
  26. Pick your battles and ignore the minor incidents.
  27. Have a fondness for questions over answers.  Questions instill a love of learning and foster a sense of enhancement.
  28. Instill fondness for aesthetics; beauty exists in all things.
  29. Teach students HOW TO THINK AND HOW TO LEARN rather than what to learn and what to think.
  30. Always over plan and know your students

Do you have any tips to add to this list?

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