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Vista Books Win the Prestigious Premio Campoy-Ada Awarded by the North American Academy of the Spanish Language

Vista Books

Vista Books Win the Prestigious Premio Campoy-Ada Awarded by the North American Academy of the Spanish Language


The Award

In consonance with its commitment to defend and foster the use of the Spanish language in all its authentic variations, the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE) has instituted the Campoy-Ada award, named in honor of two of its members, in support of quality literature for children and young adults.

The objective of this award is to recognize works in the field of children’s and youth literature that stand out for the originality of their idea, their artistic and literary achievement, and the excellent use of the Spanish language.

The Winners 

Category: Picture Books that Combine Fiction and Non-fiction

First Place: A lomo de cuento Series

This one-of-a-kind assortment of authentic titles encourages students to learn about the geography and culture of fascinating countries as they explore oral tradition. It includes 5 iconic titles, each focusing on a different country: Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Folktales, myths and legends, nonfiction selection, recipes, illustrated map, and more.

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Category: Biography for Children

First Place: Conoce a Dulce María Loynaz

This book is part of the Personajes del mundo hispánico series. It explores the life of Dulce Maria Loynaz, one of the most prominent Cuban poets in the 20th century. Her fascinating literary work made her deserving of important awards such as the Cuban National Prize for Literature and the Miguel de Cervantes Prize. And with National Poetry Month just around the corner, this is the perfect book to learn more about the life of important poets.

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Category: Biography for Young Adults

First Place: Conoce a Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”

This book tells the story of Mario Moreno, best known by the name of his most famous character, “Cantinflas”. He was a Mexican comedian so immensely popular and beloved throughout the Spanish-speaking world.  He is considered the “Mexican Chaplin.” As a young man Mario Moreno worked in various trades, some of them dangerous and others boring, until he discovered that his calling was to make people laugh.

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