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5 Must-Have Summer Reads for Kids Ages 5-8

With summer reading programs in full swing, the wide variety of children’s Spanish books available from dos tomatillos is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of readers. Check out these five titles that every kid between 5 and 8 would be happy to find on their bookshelves this summer.

Summer Reading for Kids Ages 5-8

  1. La princesa del agua by Susan Verde

Take a peek inside the life of Princess Gie Gie. She lives in a small African village where she enjoys the abundant natural beauty of her “kingdom.” However, clean drinking water is one essential that’s scarce in her village. In this multi-award-winning book, young readers go along with Gie Gie and her mom on a long trek to the water well. They also learn about Gie Gie’s dream: a day when cool, crystal clear water will be plentiful in her village. After reading, invite kids to think about all the ways in which their lives are made easier by having access to clean water. What could they do to advocate for kids like Gie Gie?

  1. Tengo miedo de la oscuridad by Jackeline East

Help kids get ready for bed by enjoying this title from the Buenas noches collection. Readers will meet Little Ed, who can’t fall asleep because he’s plagued by a problem that many kids can relate to: He’s afraid of the dark. Fortunately for Ed, he meets up with Owl  the perfect friend to help him learn that nighttime is nothing to be afraid of. This book is perfect for inspiring a family night-walk to discover hidden beauty in the dark. 

  1. Nuestro paseo al zoológico by Amy White

A trip to the zoo is a must-do this summer! Before embarking on your own adventure, be sure to check out this book written in the style of a child’s school report their visit to the zoo. Packed with cute drawings and fun animal facts, it’ll inspire the young zoologist inside every kid. After reading the book together, encourage kids to create their own “report” about zoo animals, either by enjoying their own outing to the zoo or through a virtual field trip. 

  1. Todo es canción: Antología poética by Alma Flor Ada

Award-winning author Alma Flor Ada has collected some of her best poems for this anthology. Plus, the book is organized by curriculum themes, making it a great resource for summer learning at school or home. Full of imagination and creativity, young readers will expand and enrich their vocabulary about important ideas and subjects. Choose a poem a day to read and explore. Invite kids to write or draw a reaction to what they read or even compose their own poem.

  1. El perro que quiso ser lobo by Keiko Kasza

Another summer reading title from the Buenas noches collection, this book is a great read anytime of the day. It’s a sweet story about Moka, a pet dog, who’s getting tired of the domesticated life. After his owner reads him a book about wolves, he decides to escape from his home to live a life in the wild. Unfortunately, Moka isn’t quite prepared for what comes next, and his expectations don’t mesh well with reality. Kids will sympathize with Moka’s quest for freedom and delight in his misadventures. The perfect book to start a discussion about the idea that “the grass is greener on the other side,” and how we can appreciate what we have. 

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By Kelli Drummer-Avendano

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