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Children’s Literature: Three Great Summer Picks for Ages 4+

By- Erika Semprun

El baúl de mis paseos by Liliana Cinetto (ages 4+)

In Liliana Cinetto’s El baúl de mis paseos, children embark on trips to the beach, zoo, park, circus, and theatre in order to broaden their vocabulary and learn the concept of spatial notions!

Throughout El baúl de mis paseos, Cinetto guides young readers on a fun journey through the use of rhyme and poetry. By doing this, Cinetto introduces children to advanced words and concepts in an engaging way. Readers learn the distinctions between words such as “near” and “far” or “inside” and “outside” through enchanting examples like these:

“En el zoológico miro a los monos que adentro de su jaula siempre juegan. ¿Por que los monos no van a la escuela?”

“Duerme la siesta, afuera de su cueva, un gran león con cara de enojado.

¿Por que el león está tan despeinado?”

Looking for an educational summer adventure? Loqueleo’s El baúl de mis paseos is the ideal pick!

Me encantan los Saturdays y los domingos by Alma Flor Ada (ages 5+)

In the heartwarming story of Me encantan los Saturdays y los domingos, Alma Flor Ada shares the tale of a young, multicultural girl and her weekend adventures with her grandparents. Through Ada’s writing and Elivia Savadier’s illustrations, readers learn that belonging to two cultures is a blessing, not a misfortune.

Me encantan los Saturdays y los domingos is the perfect tool to educate children on the acceptance and tolerance of various cultures, especially those quite different from our own. The author touches upon the subjects of culture, identity, and being proud of your roots. While these subjects may be difficult to talk about, Ada and Savadier do a great job at starting the conversation. By using this book as a tool, parents and teachers can continue the discourse and educate their children on significant topics early on. It is never too early to teach children the importance of love, kindness, and acceptance!

Looking for a powerful yet heartwarming summer read? Pick up Loqueleo’s Me encantan los Saturdays y los domingos!

¡No funciona la tele! by Glenn McCoy (ages 6+)

¡No funciona la tele! tells the tale of TV-addicted Pepa León and her dog Barriga, as they try to find a solution for the calamitous breakdown of their television. However, matters are complicated when Barriga decides to show Pepa a world without TV. A simple, engaging story that discusses the importance of how we spend our free time, ¡No funciona la tele! ingeniously invites readers to be conscious of their relationship with technology.

McCoy’s cunning and comical book does a wonderful job of revealing the repercussions of becoming too attached to technology. In this very relatable tale, McCoy shows readers how easy it can be to let the beauty and enjoyment of life pass us by if we become dependent and overly focused on technology. This book, written for ages 6+, features delightful illustrations and characters that remind readers to enjoy technology—but use it wisely!

Looking for an engaging summer read for people of all ages? ¡No funciona la tele! is the book for you!

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