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Natacha, a great character-based book by Luis María Pescetti

By- Erika Semprun

Natacha is in a week what any other child is in a month. Her endless questions, quests, and “accidents” take readers on a laughter-filled journey. This latest edition of Natacha recounts the origin of the beloved Chicas Perlas, narrates the arrival of Natacha’s disastrous companion and pet, Rafles, and depicts the adventures of our admired protagonist alongside her best friend, Pati.

One of Luis Maria Pescetti’s most adored novels, Natacha is renowned for its heartwarming tales and quick-witted humor. The story collection, which tells the anecdotes of young Natacha, is based on her comical and relentless personality. Although the protagonist is young, her curious and savvy demeanor make her appear wise beyond her years.

Pescetti’s ability to create such a clever and adored character is highly appreciated among young children, parents, and teachers. While the author’s writing style is splendid, it’s his character development skills that makes him a stand-out author. Pescetti’s infamous characters and Pablo Fernandez’s featured illustrations make Natacha a must read for children ages ten and older!

If you’re a parent or educator looking for a character-based read to share with your children or students, pick up a copy of Loqueleo’s Natacha!

This book is part of the Loqueleo new releases for July. Also available: El pulpo está crudo, Caperucita Roja (tal como se lo contaron a Jorge), Mamá, ¿por qué nadie es como nosotros?, Frin, and Unidos contra Drácula.

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