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By Erika Semprun

Do you like to celebrate October with creepy mystery tales? Norma has just the stories for you!

Horror Stories (Part One) by R. Swindells, J. Aiken, D. Belbin, I. Strachan, and A. Masters

This collection of spine-chilling tales is so vivid that it could almost be real…

One of the featured narratives tells the story of Laura—a young lady who spends her vacations at her grandmother’s mansion. In that house, in the hallway leading up to the attic stairs, Laura finds Alice—a peculiar figure who confesses her sad and horrific story.

Horror Stories (Part Two) by J. Bennett, T. Krailing, G. Kilworth, and S. Price

This collection of hair-raising anecdotes has been described by readers as frighteningly lifelike…

In one of the nerve-wracking passages, Martin tells the story of a room that no one else sees. In this place, separated from time, a mother lives with her two children, waiting for the return of their father, a soldier fighting in the war. Martin wishes he could be a part of their family, and one day, it happens: he enters the other room.

These two collections by Norma are the perfect picks for Halloween and for fans of mystery and horror! Eager to get your hands on Horror Stories Part One and Part Two? For more information on this pick, you can call 1-800-269-6311. For students:, educators:

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